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More and more people these days are looking to become more environmentally friendly, and the perfect way to help the environment out is with our solar panel installations.


Our installers can visit your property to work out the best area for maximum exposure whether it's on your roof or in the garden. Our call outs and surveys are free for your advantage.


Make money with your solar panels in Altrincham

With a new installation of solar panels, you can make money from your unused power. You can sell the electricity you generate back to the grid and the government will even pay you for using this environmentally friendly approach to power!

•  Solar panel installations

•  Solar repairs

•  Free call outs and surveys

•  Sell unused power to the grid

•  Ground source heat pumps

•  Air source heat pumps

•  Vaillant boilers

Start thinking more about the environment and earning some money on your unused power. Call us in Altrincham on:  07894 120 139

Start saving money on your electricity today!