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Sometimes replacement boilers don't always solve the issue if your heating system isn't working correctly. Over time, a build-up of sludge, dirt and other materials can cause detrimental effects to your boiler.


With our boiler cleaning, we'll ensure that you no longer have to worry about constant servicing. If you can feel cold spots on your radiators or hear gurgling noises, get in touch with us today.


Our power flushing is second to none in Altrincham

A full power flushing will cleanse your boiler's system to fully remove any blockages that have built up over time. You'll find your water runs stronger and easier, while your radiators will glow warmer. You may even notice a decrease in your energy bills too!

•  Limescale removals

•  Radiator leaks fixed

•  Affordable power flushing

•  Cheaper energy bills

•  More effective heating

Contact us in Hale if your boiler needs a clean on:  07894 120 139

What you can expect from our experienced team