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Have you turned the tap on only to find that the water pressure isn't very strong? Are you waiting around for a long time for the hot water to turn on? Or can you feel cold spots on your radiators?


If your boiler is playing up or you can hear it making strange noises, it's time for our boiler servicing team in Altrincham to pay you a visit. We'll have your hot water running again in no time at all.


Improve your energy efficiency with our boiler repairs

A faulty boiler can cause a number of problems other than just the hot water not working. If your system is working double time because of a broken component, you could be paying more than you should be. With our boiler repairs, we'll make sure everything is in working order to save you money on your energy bills!

Having problems with your boiler? Get in touch with us in Altrincham on:

07894 120 139

What can our services do for you?

•  Boiler servicing

•  Boiler repairs

•  Boiler installations

•  Boiler replacements

•  Top named brands

•  Affordably priced

•  Experienced engineers